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Michelle Hardaway, M.D.

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

Published on January 31, 2019

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your stomach but are not quite sure if a tummy tuck is your best option for addressing the issue? Knowing which issues a tummy tuck is designed to handle is the key to knowing if you are a good candidate.

Do you have excess loose skin around your stomach that is sagging down below your waist? Are there small pockets of fat around your abdominal area that are covering up the contours of your abdomen? The only way to get rid of excess skin and small pockets of fat is through surgery. If you are suffering from these issues, a tummy tuck is right for you.

Contact Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center today to schedule a consultation for your tummy tuck. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Hardaway can provide you with the fantastic results you are looking for.

Michelle Hardaway, M.D.

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