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Michelle Hardaway, M.D.

Enhancing the Appeal of Your Buttocks with a Butt Lift

Published on May 18, 2017

A beautiful buttocks should have tight and smooth skin, attractive contours, a good amount of lift, and a plump and natural-looking appearance. This can be hard to maintain due to the effects that aging, gravity, and a number of other external factors have on the tissue and appearance of your buttocks.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Hardaway has helped numerous patients enhance the appearance and appeal of their buttocks with a butt lift. This surgical procedure improves the shape and appearance of the butt through the removal of excess skin and fat. The butt will also be lifted upward so that it has a shapelier and plumper appearance.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation for your butt lift procedure with Dr. Hardaway. Our staff will provide you with excellent care, and Dr. Hardaway will provide you with beautiful and attractive results.

Michelle Hardaway, M.D.

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