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As we age gravity tends to pull on our body especially buttocks causing it to gradually change shape by drooping and sagging. This can have negative effects on one’s self image and sense of attractiveness. Dr. Michelle Hardaway offers a surgical procedure that can help an individual look and feel more positive about their body. This also provides the ability to be more attractive in a variety of clothes styles.

Ideal candidates are men and women who are in good physical and mental health and have realistic expectations about what plastic surgery can do for them. The skin tone may be poor with loose or excess skin, stretch marks and cellulite. Although these patients may not be good candidates for liposuction, the buttock lift (also known as thighplasty) works well for patients who have a large amount of loose skin.

There are various buttock lift methods and procedures that can be performed by Dr. Hardaway and show positive success, based on your specific goals, expectations and desires. Dr. Hardaway also uses a combination of surgery techniques to achieve the most positive results. Liposuction, fat injections and lifts are all possible techniques to sculpt the buttocks region into a desired shape.

The Surgery

During the buttock lift procedure, excess skin is removed and the buttocks are raised to a higher position on the body with tighter skin and texture. Performed concurrently with the lift, some patients desire an augmentation that utilizes implants. This additional procedure may be performed at the same time as the buttock lift or at a later date.

Buttock lift surgery is often performed on patients who have also undergone tummy tuck or liposuction procedures. This helps to remove excess fat from the body, but can sometimes leave behind loose skin that has lost its elasticity. In some cases, patients desire a fuller buttock shape which can necessitate the use of fat injections. This procedure is called buttock augmentation.


After the procedure, patients are fitted with a body garment that aids in the healing process and helps the skin to adapt to its new contour. Patients are usually able to return to work about two weeks following surgery, although some swelling may be noticeable for several months. Although Dr. Hardaway makes incisions into the skin to perform the procedure, scars are usually placed so that they are hidden well beneath a swimsuit. There is an immediate difference in the shape of the buttocks that is both dramatic and noticeable.

Any form of surgery carries an amount of uncertainty and risk, and buttock lift surgery is no exception. Fortunately, when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon, the procedure is remarkably safe. Dr. Hardaway will address any concerns you may have during your personalized consultation. If you are plagued by sagging buttocks area we encourage you to contact our office today to set up a personalized consultation with Dr, Hardaway. Call (248) 855-6030.

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