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Rejuvenate Your Skin with a Sublime Skin-Tightening Treatment

Published on August 17, 2017

Is your facial skin beginning to sag? Facial sagging can significantly impact your self-esteem by giving you an aged and tired appearance. When facial sagging occurs, wrinkles, folds, and age lines can begin to form on the face, which will

Enhancing Your Buttocks with Fat Grafting

Published on July 19, 2017

When it comes to buttock enhancement, one of the best options for natural-looking and long-lasting results is fat grafting. This procedure uses fat harvested from your own body to add volume to the butt. This increase the size of the

Enhancing the Appeal of Your Buttocks with a Butt Lift

Published on May 18, 2017

A beautiful buttocks should have tight and smooth skin, attractive contours, a good amount of lift, and a plump and natural-looking appearance. This can be hard to maintain due to the effects that aging, gravity, and a number of other

For a Tighter and Stronger Abdomen, Try a Tummy Tuck

Published on March 15, 2017

Excess skin and fat are not the only problems that can affect the appearance of your abdomen. Some people may suffer from a weakening of the muscles and tissue of the abdominal wall, which causes the abdomen to protrude and

Correcting Sagging Upper Arms

Published on February 15, 2017

The appearance of your arms is heavily affected by the skin that surrounds the muscles of the arms. Gravity, aging, and other environmental factors can diminish the strength, health, and appearance of your arm skin. This can cause the skin

Preparing for Your Consultation

Published on January 19, 2017

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Hardaway strives to provide her clients with the best possible care and results that her extensive years of studying and training can provide. There are many tools that Dr. Hardaway can use to provide this,

The Versatility of Liposuction

Published on December 16, 2016

Liposuction is amazing for two main reasons. First, it can be used to treat a wide variety of areas with ease and precision. Second, it can be performed in conjunction with other procedures as a way to overhaul your entire


Published on April 1, 2016

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