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Published on March 29, 2019

Are there parts of your body that has excess loose and saggy skin that you want to get rid of? Spending hours in the gym and starving yourself isn’t going to cut it. When you have too much saggy skin,

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for Me?

Published on January 31, 2019

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your stomach but are not quite sure if a tummy tuck is your best option for addressing the issue? Knowing which issues a tummy tuck is designed to handle is the key to

Enhancing Your Appearance During the Holiday Season

Published on November 30, 2018

The holiday season is in full swing. That means your calendar is probably already filled with holiday parties and family visits. If you are in need of aesthetic care, how will you be able to get it if you don’t

The Benefits of Surgical Body Contouring

Published on September 1, 2018

If you want a more attractive figure, it might take more than just a good diet and a consistent exercise routine. One of the biggest issues that can prevent you from attaining your ideal body is having loose excess skin.

Unhappy with the Way Your Butt Looks in Your Bikini?

Published on May 31, 2018

Does your butt not look as good as you want it to in a bikini? If you want a bigger, shapelier, and overall more attractive buttocks, our team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center has the perfect procedure for

Enhancing the Muscle Definition of Your Arms

Published on March 22, 2018

If you have spent months at the gym working on your arms so that you can have well-defined muscles, you’re going to want to be able to see your results. If you have excess fat and skin on your arms,

Start the Year Off with a Beautiful Body

Published on December 20, 2017

The holidays can be pretty rough on your waistline, but it’s hard to avoid all those tasty holiday treats. You want to be able to fully enjoy the parties and holiday meals that you have lined up, but for some

Are You Unhappy with the Shape of Your Thighs?

Published on November 16, 2017

Are you unhappy with the shape of your thighs? Excess sagging thigh skin and the accumulation of fat in the thighs can rob your thighs of their attractive contours. It can give them an uneven and unappealing appearance that leaves

What Is Tumescent Liposuction?

Published on October 19, 2017

At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Laser Center, we offer several different options for liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is a fairly popular option that provides a number of benefits over the traditional liposuction procedure. During the procedure, a tumescent fluid that contains

Preserving the Results of Your Body-Contouring Procedure

Published on September 21, 2017

If you are considering undergoing a body-contouring procedure such as an arm lift, thigh lift, liposuction, or non-surgical treatment, it is important that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle after your procedure. Changes in your weight can significantly affect

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